Wasim BAIG

Entrepreneur and MBA in International Business Student

I am the founder and CEO of the HYPERSPACESTORE LTD.

Over the last 2 years, I have designed an award-winning marketing campaign and a disruptive mobile app for the AA driving school in London.

Additionally, I have been offered postgraduate positions at Facebook Dublin. I am also an active member of Google Campus London.

I am in the process of developing my next startup which will focus on streamlining social responsibility for the corporate world by crowdsourcing social enterprise.

I am currently pursuing an MBA in International Business at the University of Greenwich.

The program would need me to complete an internship starting in September 2019.

Welcome and feel free to browse through my portfolio!

My skills



London, UK

The product offering of the hyperspacestore.com includes novel and commercially available tech-based gadgets with educational reach for children. To give an example, you are able to purchase a 3D printed Moon night light made from biodegradable PLA plastic using NASA maps of the topography of the Moon. It is completely wireless and it’s controlled by touch. The store also has a corporate social responsibility side to it. Every purchase on the store enables the customer to contribute to change by planting a tree in order to augment the quality of life on our planet, whilst keeping an eye on the stars.

  • Business Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Systems Thinking and Cost Effective Problem Solving
  • Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing Strategy Customer Relations Management
  • Impact-Driven Online Advertising Strategies, including Social Media Growth Hacking
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Great opportunity in a an exponentionally growing market
  • Interesting project to tackle applications of CSR
  • One man startup backed by the power of code and automation

Internship in IT at SES Satellites

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Attending Bi-Weekly International Business Conference calls with up to 4 colleagues simultaneously from the USA, Singapore, Spain and France.
  • First Experience with Business Intelligence Tools (SAP)
  • Detailed Logging of Test Scenario Flow Outcomes & Reporting Bugs to Backend Developers
  • Creation of Reader Friendly Business Logic Procedures Manuals
  • World's largest commercial satellite company
  • Fast-paced, multi-lingual work environment
  • Networking and opportunity for professional development
  • First experience in corporate software solution implementation

Internship in Marketing at LuxairGroup S.A.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Market research and manage data analytics
  • Manage and balance effective workloads.
  • Proactive problem-solving and creation of best practice solutions.
  • Ensure campaigns are built correctly.
  • Utilize data to make strategic recommendations to marketing management team.
  • Great job in a reputable company
  • Interesting projects for leading brands
  • Opportunity for professional development



  • 20.09.2018 Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business

    Greenwich is one of the top two most globally diverse universities according toThe Hotcourses Diversity Index.

    Modules include:

    • Global Business Sustainability

    • Global Strategy: Analysis and Practice

    • Management Across Cultures

    • E-Logistics and International Supply Chain Management

  • 11.05.2016 Advertising and Public Relations

    At the University of West London, ranked top modern University in London, according to the Guardian Table 2018.

    A future-facing, disruptive and brand new course designed by advertising heavyweight Kristin Brewe. She has 10 years worth of working experience in Silicon Valley, San Francisco at a company called esurance which jumped to unicorn status, in part because of her contributions. (valued at over $1 billion)

    Modules include:

    • Interdisciplinary Creative Entrepreneurship

    • Research, Data, Insight

    • Emerging Technologies (VR, AR, and Systems Thinking)

    • (Multimedia) Creative & Art Direction

  • 15.08.2014 Communication Sciences

    At the University of Brussels.

    Modules include:

    • Semiotics

    • French Literature

    • World Literature

    • Initiation to Academic Research and Documentation

  • 18.9.2013Law Student

    At the University of Brussels.
  • 11.07.2012Graduation at Lycee Robert-Schuman Luxembourg

    in Economics, Mathematics and Languages (German, French, English, and Luxembourgish)